About Moi

   -I am just an ordinary woman with an EXTRAordinary message-

   I am so thankful that you have chosen my blog to visit today :). If you’re here, you are likely on a journey to improve your health & well-being; Be it improved physical health, emotional management, &/or nutritional education, you will find an answer with me.

   Every blog has an audience, so who are my people? Well, I don’t discriminate; If you have even a slight curiosity about how you can improve your day-to-day life, an interest in yummy & healthy recipes, & an inclination to be part of a community focused on the wealth of health, YOU are my person. 

   What makes this community even better than the rest??? I am here to answer your questions, provide consultations, & create personalized care plans in a click of a button!

-Now WHO is this person who says she can provide me with all of this GREAT information?-

bday me

   My name is Bethaney, & I am a Health Coach, Nutrition Counselor & Wellness Enthusiast! I believe that our health is measured in bigger units than the scale conveys, & that WE have full control on our outlook of life. In addition, I am a military spouse, mom of 3, and fur mom to 2. This life of mine is unpredictable, stressful, & beautiful, & has taught me loads about stress management, when to let go, how to adapt, & the importance of self-care (you can never have too much!). Life is too short to be miserable, & balance is the key to this adventure we’re living.

-What made you choose this path in life?-

   I am not a person that can take my health for granted. Let’s get personal…I have 1 kidney, hypothyroidism (under active thyroid), depression (manageable, but never a cake walk in the park), & a heightened risk to future cancers. 

   I am a 2-time childhood cancer survivor; I lost my kidney the first time, and parts of my lung the second. But what matters is I am here. Now as compelling as this may be to some, it’s not the full reason for my love of nutrition.

   That happened when I became pregnant with my son (I didn’t even know I could have kids!), and on the day that I gave birth I was 5 ft. 2 in. and weighed 201 lbs! I was a single mom, stressed out, and had taken the “Eating for 2” concept as a personal challenge. I was overweight and undereducated, & I was miserable (life is too short for that, remember?). I had to do something about it, so I did.

   I am a woman of action, so after a couple of years of community college & soul-searching, I reached out to Kaplan University to obtain my Bachelors in Nutrition Science. In January of 2017 I graduated with that Bachelors, and in February of 2018 I became a certified Health Coach from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). 

   So from being told I wouldn’t make it to my 5th birthday, to being 26 & a life full of things I was told weren’t promised to me, I am here. And I’m here with a purpose to fulfill. To help others realize their potential & to live their best life. 

   Thank you for your time. Please subscribe, follow & if you’re looking for stellar 1-on-1 consulting, shoot me an email! I’d ❤ to hear from you! 


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